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We focus exclusively on rotogravure printing method.

Rotogravure printing

2 rotogravure printing lines
Coding unit
Full pre-print service

Fast production times and highest print quality is what our clients can always expect.
Flexible organization structure allows us to act quickly and efficiently, while maintaining personalized approach to each project.


2 laminators 
3 slitting lines

Equipped with latest lamination technologies, we can produce various types of laminated structures, including recyclable ones.


Special competences



  • Heat-sensitive products

  • High-speed sealing

  • Efficient in rotogravure

Cold-seal is a pressure sensitive adhesive widely used in packaging of heat-sensitive products, such as chocolate and biscuits. Compared to traditional heat-closing methods, these structures are much faster to seal and can be used on high-speed packaging lines.
Due to some solvents that are used in cold-seal, best way to apply these adhesives is by using rotogravure method.
At Rotoweb, over the last decades, we have developed deep expertise in cold-seal application and know how to balance all the nuances to provide a perfect packaging for your products. 

Paper structures

Paper structures

  • Improved print quality (ESA*)

  • Barrier properties

  • Frame heat seal

Paper is very common but complex packaging material that requires special attention.
One of complications when working with paper is electrostatic charge that does not allow efficient paint transfer, which results in "missing dots" on the print. To avoid this problem we are using Electrostatic Assisstance technology (ESA*) that allows us to get best possible image quality.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with our paper suppliers, and together we are ready to support transition of your products to recyclable barrier paper packaging. Having capabilities to make frame heat-seal coatings for such structures, we can ensure cost efficient solutions for your products.

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